Newsletter 13/12/23

AJM / 20 December 2023

Being “healthy” means losing weight

Being “healthy” means running 5k in under 25 minutes

Being “healthy” means being able to do a press up 

Being “healthy” means counting calories

Being “healthy” means getting up at 5am everyday

Being “healthy” means being teetotal

I've heard all of the above assertions (and many more) over the years - reducing health to one thing: a number or a single habit

Usually I'm all for simplifying, but not in this case. 

It frustrates me as it's dismissive of everything our health provides us with - it's disrespectful to the amazing bodies we're all blessed with.

Hang on: There's another assertion: health is just about our body - our physical health

Of course, there's been a lot written about “mental health” too over the last few years and you can split health up into many different components

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

  • Financial

  • Social

And a few more I'm sure

The truth is they're all interdependent and it's important to remember that “health” means “whole” 

This is why at Motus we talk about “A Wider Concept of Health” - to remind us of this and to remind ourselves of the importance of focussing on our health

(It's especially important - though not always easy -  to remember on the days we don't feel like it!) 

After all, looking after our health - or not - has the power to make everything better…or worse

And that's our choice to make each and every day - each and every moment in fact

So, what is your choice today?

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