Newsletter 14/12/23

AJM / 20 December 2023

It's very easy to focus on the limitations and the barriers to our performance with all sorts of things in life and business.

(I'm by no means perfect at it, but I try and focus on potential)

Many of us look for solutions; look at how we can gather more data, acquire more knowledge or undertake some additional training - perhaps we invest in tools, technology, systems, software or apps to help solve the problems.

All of which can be valuable.

However, what strikes me is that often the biggest thing holding us back from achieving our potential, is ourselves.

Put simply, it's our energy, which is largely determined by our health.

Yes, it can be about our beliefs and mindset etc. but how much easier is it to adopt a proactive, optimistic outlook when you've had a good night's sleep, have eaten well and are feeling invigorated after a great workout?

Health is a game changer and the key to us performing better and achieving our potential.

A couple of years ago we put together a very quick questionnaire called:

Is Your Health Affecting Your Productivity, Performance and Potential?

(You can follow that link and fill in the questionnaire if you like - it will only take a few minutes)

To be honest, I'd forgotten all about it and stumbled across it in the depths of our Google Drive, as you do.

It's far from a scientifically validated assessment tool but it serves a purpose; it highlights where we could make improvements and gets us focused on taking our performance to the next level and fulfilling our potential rather than focussing on problems all the time.

If you want to up your game it maybe you don't need to take another course, learn another skill or implement a new software system

Maybe it's within YOU…

Health is a game changer.

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