Newsletter 16/06/23

AJM / 16 June 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Health and Performance blog!

Today's edition is an introduction and to set the scene:

My intention for this blog is to bring insights and information to you about the link between health and performance…but I also want to make it interesting and fun!

I believe strongly that our health is the foundation of everything we do and now more than ever we must take personal responsibility for each and every aspect of it - and our lives as a whole.

What matters to me personally is how I perform as a partner, a parent, a leader, a coach and a friend.  I'll be sharing with you some of the things I do myself in an effort to make this happen (successes and failures!), things that I've learned working with clients, and also things that I come across from my wider research and reading.

In the world of health there has long been tension and/or gaps between “science”, ancient wisdom and how we actually put things into practice and apply them to our lives each and every day in order to perform better.

It's this latter part where my interest and expertise lies.  Application.

Being healthier will help us be more successful and perform better in every area of life: in business and our careers, in our personal lives and in every relationship we're a part of.

Let's use health to make things better; to improve ourselves, support others around us more effectively, and to do our bit for society and the world.

Lofty goals I know, but we have to start somewhere - and that somewhere is with ourselves, here, and now.

Thanks for reading and we'll dive into the nitty-gritty next time

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