Newsletter 20/12/23

AJM / 20 December 2023

We often talk about the reasons to take care of our health that are considered, shall we say, more virtuous: things like longevity, preventing serious illnesses and the whole “self-care” movement.

But behind those valid and noble reasons do they in fact all boil down to three of the main driving forces of life?

  • Money

  • Sex

  • and Power

These things are not talked about much in the world of health - here's my take…


I believe being fit and healthy gives me the energy and drive that means I can outwork most people - physically and mentally.

There are many, many people who are smarter than me, so maybe this is my way of making up for that and competing?!

Certainly when I started my career, what I earnt was directly linked to how many hours I could work effectively, and whilst now running a business means I try to focus more on working smarter (as opposed to just harder and longer), that link is still there. 


Who doesn't want to feel wanted and desired?

I know we're in the age of “body-positivity” (much of which is fake in my opinion) but how your body looks affects your confidence in the bedroom and your sex life.

We can't escape the fact that various aspects of our bodies are designed as they are to attract a mate or signal virility/fertility - it's been a biological and survival imperative for thousands of years. 

As I heard on a video the other day “People don't have sex with your personality”...

I want Anna to find me physically attractive too!!!

Also, people who take care of their health and their bodies are showing self-respect - that is an incredibly attractive trait.


Call me old fashioned but as a man I want Anna and my daughters to feel safe when they're with me - to know I could protect them physically should a situation arise.

I also like knowing that I can look after myself and that I'm less likely to be in those situations in the first place by having an air of physical confidence.

Strong, Fit and Healthy = Empowered

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with embracing our more primal motives and believe they can co-exist with  the others.

What do you think?

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