Not enough hours in the day

DP / 10 August 2021

We speak to a lot of people


Who really WANT to improve their health

Who want a different HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE


They know it will make them FEEL BETTER

And that it will involve committing some time


And making it a PRIORITY


But they just don't seem to have the ENERGY to do it


To make different decision



“There's just not enough hours in the day”


“I've got too much on right now”


We understand


There are so many other things on our to do lists

  • Worrying about relatives
  • Homeschooling...though hopefully that's now a thing of the past
  • Trying to work efficiently and effectively from home
  • Managing all the other problems thrown up by lockdown and restrictions
  • Staying sane in general!


Extra decisions mean extra brain-power - not easy if you're already feeling OVERWHELMED



So we stick with the STATUS QUO


The path of least resistance


Before you know it, another day's gone


Another week has gone by…then months...perhaps years


Waiting for that magical moment when we'll have:

  • More motivation

  • More time

  • More headspace


That's unless something else crops up of course…


Does any of this sound familiar???


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