One to one Exercise / “Personal Training” VS Group Exercise Classes

AJM / 2 October 2023

One to one Exercise / “Personal Training” VS Group Exercise Classes

If you want guaranteed results in the most specific, safest, most effective, fastest way possible, one-to-one training is undoubtedly the way forward.

That's not to say group exercise sessions are in any way “bad”; indeed for many people having a social aspect to at least part of your exercise regime/lifestyle is highly beneficial.

(In fact, our experience shows us that there are 3 key elements to an effective, well-rounded and sustainable exercise regime - you can find out what that is here).

People do get confused about the relative benefits of one-to-one and group exercise, here are a few things to consider with both:


  • Delivers faster, more specific results

  • Fully personalised and designed around you and your body

  • Structured, progressive and targeted

  • The safest way to exercise

  • Will be adapted to your needs on any given day (e.g. lower energy days or being in some pain or discomfort)

  • “You time”

  • Can be flexible in terms of time; rearranged if things change

  • Suitable for all levels of fitness

  • Focus of proper technique

  • Better at developing specific aspects of fitness - e.g. strength and flexibility

  • Build a relationship with your coach who will encourage and support you

  • Educational

  • Provides a high level of accountability (group sessions are easier to skip!) 

Group Exercise

  • Great social activity but…

  • For some, groups can be intimidating

  • One-size-fits-all - people worry if they'll be able to keep up or it could even be too easy! 

  • Often require a certain level of fitness or proficiency to start

  • At a fixed time

  • Social aspect can be great fun

  • Often more “general” fitness benefits, like muscular endurance or aerobic fitness (which are not necessarily the most important for all-round health or changing one's body shape)

  • Mainly self-paced; i.e. you can “hide”...or you could be over-doing it

  • Less personal attention and therefore less focus on safety and technique

We are based at our private studio near Stratford-upon-Avon, though also work with clients at their homes and online.

If you would like more information or to get started, call 01789 450141 or email info@motustraining.co.uk

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