The problem with 'FREE'

DP / 6 May 2020

Hi all,

Have you noticed that suddenly everything has become free?

(Be good if supermarkets got in on the act too!)

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of health and fitness

FREE nutrition guides
‍FREE exercise plans
FREE LIVE stream
️FREE webinars


We've done this too - with our 28 Day Online Coaching Programme for example 

So it's not a criticism 

But I am wondering now if it was the right thing to do…???

You see, there's 2 reasons we did it:


  1. We genuinely LOVE HELPING people - it's WHY we do what we do - and we're really good at it.  We knew people would need some support and wanted to contribute.  We had some extra time on our hands so why not?
  2. We hoped that if people liked what we did, got to know us a bit, that at some point in the future they would decide to become clients

Most people will claim they did it all because of 1) 

But I'm being honest - it was both!

We've had lots of great feedback from people saying how much they liked what we were doing, how they were enjoying it and appreciated it - I know some people are still using it now

But at least 75% of the people who signed up DID NOTHING

Well maybe they watched some of the videos and had a good laugh at me!

But they didn't actually DO anything

Or CHANGE anything

Which was a shame

Because we know if they followed the programme

They would get some great results


We UNDERSTAND there are lots or reasons for this at the moment:

STRESS clouding our thinking
 UNCERTAINTY about our finances

“Can I get a food delivery?”
“Has little Jonny put a rude emoji on the chat on MS Teams virtual English lesson”
“Shall I just have a glass of wine instead?”
“I don't need to get up - I'll have a lie in (again)”
“Yes I do need to watch another episode of ‘The Tiger King' ”
“It's not a problem if I can't fit in my jeans at the moment - no-one's looking”

But perhaps one of the main reasons was because it was free?

And subconsciously we think:


If we don't PAY for something

We don't tend to VALUE it

And we're not so COMMITTED.

If we're not COMMITTED

We don't get RESULTS

You see we are all about helping people, but it's about helping them to:

But the free programme didn't do that for everyone

And this is why I wonder whether we did the right thing or not…

The other thing it demonstrates is the POWER of ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT

Especially at the moment

To be honest, the ACCOUNTABILITY AND PERSONALISED SUPPORT is probably the most valuable aspect of our M12 Coaching Programme 

So we've decided to cover all bases now:

We have produced (and will continue to make available) some excellent resources all for FREE 


If you're ready to COMMIT to your health and fitness

If you've had enough of the “Lockdown Lifestyle”

It's time to put your trust in a PROVEN SYSTEM and A PROCESS 

(That can work even with the current circumstances)

You recognise the need for that ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT and COACHING


It's NOT free, but it is great VALU

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