The problem with free

AJM / 8 April 2022

Hi all,

All the information you could ever, ever, ever need on health and fitness is available to us all

And its 100% FREE

  • FREE nutrition guides

  • FREE exercise plans

  • FREE LIVE stream

  • FREE webinars

You name it, you can find it

The problem is that over 75% of the people who sign up for a free course DO NOTHING

Or they read the emails…

But don't actually DO anything

Or CHANGE anything by following the recommendations in the programme


We UNDERSTAND there are lots of reasons for this 

Lack of MOTIVATION (see yesterday's email) being one of the main ones

But perhaps one of the main reasons was because it was free?

And subconsciously we think:



If we don't PAY for something

We don't tend to VALUE it

And we're not so COMMITTED.

If we're not COMMITTED

We don't get RESULTS

How many more FREE programmes will you sign up to before committing to something? 

P.S. Just a reminder, there are 3 ways you can get started, whenever you are ready,

1. RESTART YOUR HEALTH - A 12 week health and fitness coaching programme to help busy people get back in shape and boost their energy

2.  Sign up for our 30 Day Programme where you will discover your own PERSONAL BLUEPRINT and create an ACTION PLAN for better health, more consistency, less stress, more energy and a stronger mindset

3. REPLY to this email and BOOK A CALL with an expert Motus Coach to find out if we are a good fit for you

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