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AJM / 26 April 2022

Hi all,

Today I want to tell you about Kathy who has been part of M12 (Our flagship coaching programme) for over a year now

Kathy, like many of our clients, decided to join M12 to improve her all-round health and wellbeing because she was, in her own words:

“Lacking focus”

Going through the motions and feeling “unchallenged” by what she was doing

Knew the bones of what to do but wasn't sure how to actually make it happen

One aspect of M12 that really connected for Kathy was the setting of realistic short-term targets and daily habits that were clearly linked to her long-term vision of how she wanted to look and feel, and what she wanted for her general health.

It was having the confidence that when stacked up over time the actions and plans would create those results

“Setting targets and breaking it down into manageable steps and working through simple monthly plans”

Over the last 18 months Kathy (like most of us) has had to adapt her routine and schedule a number of times...

The simple process of the monthly reviews in her 121 coaching sessions has helped her re-focus, adjust where necessary and meant she has been able to maintain her progress

“It doesn't matter if you slip because you can reset them - a lot of programmes are all or nothing but you're not going to stick at that, so the monthly programme and building on that month by month is great”

At Motus we understand that sometimes life gets in the way - in fact, you can guarantee it!  

It's perfectly normal and we pride ourselves on supporting our clients to navigate these things when they do crop up

“The team is very understanding and If you do ‘fail' because of family or work commitments; there's no blame or guilt-tripping; they work with you to reset the plan and find different ways of doing things”

A huge “well done” to Kathy, she's done a great job prioritising her health

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