Work life balance

AJM / 7 April 2022

Hi all,

We propose thinking about health, lifestyle and business success differently...

Everything becomes more efficient when each area of life is complimentary: where each area of life supports, benefits and enhances the others

And it's 100% possible to live your life this way!

We just need to challenge some of the assumptions or ‘myths' that surround this 

topic of so-called “work/life balance 


- Myth #1 It's Necessary To Sacrifice Health And

Personal Life For Business Success

It doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to set up your

lifestyle is such a way that each area of life supports, benefits

and enhances the others. Your health and mindset is the

foundation of success in every area of life

- Myth #2 “I Don't Have The Time!”

Investing in your health will actually SAVE you time by making your more PRODUCTIVE, giving you more ENERGY, helping you THINK more clearly and make better DECISIONS 

- Myth #3 Physical And Mental Health Are Different


Our approach is that physical and mental health need not be

separated - they're one and the same, just part of “health”.

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