YOU in 12 months time

DP / 10 August 2021

Most of us will say “our health is a top priority”


However, (being brutally honest) sometimes what we SAY and what we actually DO don't match up


As we discussed in the email a couple of days ago, TIME can be a big reason for why this happens


When it comes to your health, maybe you know WHAT to do but can't seem to find the time to fit it in?


Perhaps everything is just so OVERWHELMING right now that you just can't even consider adding in anything else?


Or you know deep down that you could find the time, but you can't find the MOTIVATION?


Because let's face it, we all know people who do find the time despite having: 

Demanding jobs

elatives to look after

And all the other things on their to-do lists


So surely you could do it too, couldn't you? (Spoiler - I KNOW you can!)




Are you prepared to wait until that “magic moment” when you'll suddenly have more time?


When overnight the spark motivation will suddenly appear


I'm afraid to say it just doesn't work that way


So, as overwhelmed, unfit, unhealthy and as stressed as you feel now, how will you feel in another 12 months?


When your body is “softer” still

Your clothes are even tighter, or you have to go another size up?

When you're getting out of breath just from climbing up the stairs?


What else are you going to miss out on because you haven't got the ENERGY or the MOTIVATION, or the CONFIDENCE?


How productive will you really be, when you're being “busy”?


How focused?

How motivated?


How will that impact others around you?


The fact is this will (unfortunately) be the REALITY for most people


“But that's just how it is right now”


It doesn't have to be.


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